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The daily review will fix your day

Why most people do not succeed in day planning

daily review

It is great if put together een plan for your day. But some days turn out completely different. This results in a lot of people saying planning your day won’t work for them. That is not true: they forget to reflect and a adjust their planning. A fixed habit of doing a daily review at the end of every day will fix this problem. Every day you have the option to get a little bit better by going through you day and replan stuff you did not do. Make a simple start by setting up the daily review habit in your system.

Beginning with a daily review

  • Schedule a daily reminder at 5 pm (in your agenda or task manager)
  • Go through the following steps (tip: copy and paste these steps in the reminder)
    • Look at your agenda of today and replan what you did not finish
    • Clean up your task manager and replan things on your todo list if needed
    • Look at your agenda of tomorrow and walk through your day
      • Are there no overlaps in appointments?
      • Do you have time inbetween your appointments?
      • Do you have time to exercise?
    • Set your tasks for tomorrow in your task manager

Extra benefits of a daily review

You can use the daily review to let go of work and end your work day. Letting go of work is work. If do not close the brainloops about work your brain goes remembering on what to do after work. If you replan work your brain knows that work that is not finished is planned on another day. Antoher advantage is that you prime your brain for the upcomming day. During a good night sleep your unconcius mind will take this info and prep your day. By planning your next day well the chance that you will have a good day will be much bigger. Go do your review :-).

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