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How to find focus during hard work in a distracted world

Use it or loose it

I realy have a hard time when i try to focus. When i need to read difficult stuff my mind starts wondering about random thing. About other things I need to do, or about somebody who got angry on me. My focus is nowhere. Since I started training my focus my world flipped. I can actually focus but it takes time and patience. With small steps you can restore your ability to focus in a distracted world. You need to keep training your focus or you will lose it. Use it or lose. How do you start during your work day?

How to train your focus?

  • Turn off all notifications of phone, e-mail or teamware like Teams or Slack
  • Start using a timer an set it for 20 minutes to do one thing only (focus work like reading or writing). During this time: No switching to e-mail or phone. Put some pressure on to keep going. You will be surprised on how much work you get done.
  • Put focus work in your agenda (so you make an appointment with yourself) and pick a time and a place that work well (mornings are great: no distractions and a well rested brain)

Focus is hard to find

A lot of people say they just can’t focus because there is something wrong with their brain. I don’t think so. You need to be more clever than the puppy in your brain that wants to run away to everything it sees. If you have found the switch by turning of distractions off you need to find a way to keep your focus practice goining or you will loose it again.

Job Baart de la Faille

Ik ben een online coach die je helpt om slimmer te werken (en niet harder). Via online coaching help ik je om jouw eigen systeem en gedrag te ontwikkelen.

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