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The style pattern perfectionist in a DISC test

By 26 April 2024May 6th, 2024No Comments

The style pattern of a perfectionist

I take out my most recent DISC test again and read:

Your personal style pattern matches that of the PERFECTIONIST [Cs]. You are tactful, diplomatic and cautious in your actions. You come across as somewhat cool and aloof because you do not show much of yourself and do not take the initiative to engage. Your circle of friends is small. With them, you feel you can lower your shield and show more of yourself. You are more comfortable with tasks than with people and value personal space
and privacy.

That is plain language. I did have the idea that I like to do things my way, but this is a nice phrasing. When I first read it, a few quarters did fall. I have trouble with types who just gabble about it, and types who exhibit offensive behavior are in my allergic corner.

Surrounded by idiots

I often feel that I am surrounded by idiots, but I am one myself. The fact that we are all idiots does give a sense of connection🤪. Feeling connection is something I find difficult at times, especially when people around me exhibit antisocial behavior. I also sometimes lose connection with myself when I slip into perfectionism or get overexcited.

Conducting DISC test

A DISC test begins with the completion of a questionnaire. Based on the answers, a profile is compiled. The profile from the DISC test (a comprehensive PDF) gives a lot of insight into how you put yourself together. In addition, the profile provides tools to communicate well with other types. Also, types who exhibit antisocial behavior and go moderately over my limit.

Turning insight into behavior

Self-insight alone will not get you there. Converting self-insight into new behavior involves trial and error. In the process, I sometimes have to unlearn old patterns and learn new habits. Like Non Violent Communicating when someone crosses my line. Learning these skills helps me tremendously in training to better understand participants and in coaching to sense what someone is struggling with.

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