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Start making a todo list

Where to start?

Sometimes I am so stressed with work that I don’t know where to start. My brain is bouncing all over the place due to all the stuff I want to do. Making a proper todo list is a good first step to get back to normal. I used to make long lists. Every day a new page. I always ended somewhere half way the list. What went wrong? And how to make a todo list that you can finish every day?
There are some simple basics for making a todo list that you need to follow to get things done.

Basics for making a todo list

  • Start your todo with a verb so your brain knows what to do. Mother is not a todo. Call mother is 😉
  • Keep your todo small so can complete the todo in less than 30 minutes (projects you need to break down, if items are more than 30 minutes you should them in your agenda).
  • Check in on your todolist frequently (morning, noon and end of day)
  • Make use of a digital solution for making the list. Todoist is your best option.

Background with a todo list

You head is a bad office. Your short term memory van hold on average seven items. Some thoughts on what to do are gone after six seconds. To get rid of this imens swapping behaviour you need to build a todo list routine to empty your head a free your superpower. Only than you can start working in a linair fashion. In stead of bouncing around all day between unfunished tasks.

Job Baart de la Faille

Ik ben een online coach die je helpt om slimmer te werken (en niet harder). Via online coaching help ik je om jouw eigen systeem en gedrag te ontwikkelen.

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