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Brain fog in cognitive and executive functions

Brain Fog

Last week it was my turn for the flu. About once every ten years I lay flat for a week. Generally, my resistance is good, but now I was having a hard time. Headache, fever, coughing like a chain smoker and sleeping like a dragon. These symptoms are familiar to me. But this time I could also take a good look at the brain fog that lies like a thick layer over my brain as a result of the flu. Brain fog or brainfog is a well-known phenomenon in the medical world. The result is the feeling that my thoughts are bouncing in all directions. To put it bluntly, cognitive and executive functions don’t work at all. No concentration, forgetfulness, procrastination and impulsive behavior. This makes simple tasks difficult.

Commands do not work

Just figuring out when to take a shower is a challenge. It’s as if my body is ignoring the command center’s orders. I think of the command “go shower” ten times, but nothing happens. I continue to sit in my chair staring ahead and grab my phone. After an hour the time has come, I step under the shower with great difficulty, undressing is annoying, I can’t stand the cold very well. Strange because normally an ice bath is no problem for me. Once I am in the shower it is wonderfully warm, but then again I don’t manage to get out of it. After ten times the command “shower off” nothing happens. All in all, I finish showering after 2 hours. Folding laundry and grocery shopping… let’s do that tomorrow….

Cognitive and executive functions

Cognitive and executive functions are controlled by the prefrontal cortex. The prefrontal cortex is located at the front of the brain. The prefrontal cortex is involved in cognitive and emotional functions such as decision making, planning, social behavior and impulse control. The section at the top of the front is much associated with working memory. People also speak of executive functions in this context. Interesting to know. But even more interesting to note how these parts work and what happens when these parts don’t work properly. Many clients with ADD/ADHD challenges suffer excessively from suboptimal functioning of these functions. They suffer from procrastination, overstimulation, and impulsive acting.

For this, it helps to develop a good system with matching behaviors to prevent procrastination and chaos from prevailing.

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