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Put focus work in your agenda

Taking control over your day planning

In a distraced world it looks like we can’t get any hard work done. Writing, reading and everything that requires focus gets pushed away by small ad hoc things like awnsering mail or texting. To find the whitespace on your day to do focus work you need to put it in you agenda in blocks of one to one and a half hour. When do you do this, you make an appointment with yourself to work without distraction. By doing this your work will go up to 40% faster because you are not constant multitasking. You do not need to block your whole day with focus work. If you are doing three to four hours of focus work on a day you are doing great.

How to make a planning for focus work on your day

  • Chop up your projects into focus blocks of one to one and a half hour and put them in your agenda
  • Keep periods of white space in between of half an hour minimum so you can have breaks and stay flexible
  • Do not fill up your whole day but keep fourty per cent open for other small tasks and unforseen work
  • Adjust your planning during your day so you see what is happening when stuff goes wrong

Why you should put focus work in you agenda

If you do not plan your day you will end up doing a lot of small stuff and avoid the focus work. This is because it is hard work that is always pused aside because high dopamine tasks like checking mail always look more attractive. If you have trouble to get started working undistracted in these focus block you can have a go at the Pomodoro technique which is great for restoring the ability to focus.

Job Baart de la Faille

Ik ben een online coach die je helpt om slimmer te werken (en niet harder). Via online coaching help ik je om jouw eigen systeem en gedrag te ontwikkelen.

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