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Create a smart to-do list with voice technology

Smartly collecting ideas

My head is sometimes a colander. That’s why it’s helpful for me to keep a good to-do list. The easier it is to put a todo on my list, the better I keep this list. If it takes a lot of fiddling on my phone to put something on my list, it presents a barrier and I don’t do it. It is simple to create your own easy way to add tasks to a to-do list via voice.

Combining Braintoss and Todoist

Tasks that land in Todoist via Braintoss

For quickly sending photos, voice messages or notes to an e-mail address, Braintoss works very easily. For task tracking, Todoist works great. When I combine these I have exactly what I need: when I enter a task, it is immediately added to my to-do list.

Actions for linking

  • Install the Braintoss app on your phone (one-time Euro 3.50)
  • Create an account with the task manager Todoist
  • Open Todoist > Open the Inbox > Click the three dots on the right > Email tasks to this project > Copy email address
  • Open the Braintoss app > Settings > Email address > Paste Todoist email address
  • Testing: Open Braintoss > Speak clear a task > Check Todoist’s Inbox

An empty head

The goal behind this solution is not to accumulate lots of tasks or to get even more done. The goal is to keep my head clear so I can concentrate and be creative. As David Allen says, your head is for getting ideas not holding them.

Job Baart de la Faille

Ik ben een online coach die je helpt om slimmer te werken (en niet harder). Via online coaching help ik je om jouw eigen systeem en gedrag te ontwikkelen.

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