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A demo of voice typing with a touch of Chat GPT

Welcome to the playful side of Habitsatwork.com, where we not only talk about productivity, but also add a touch of humor to the work week. Today we dive into the world of voice typing, because let’s face it, who has time to spend hours typing when you can just say it too?

So, here I sit, dictating this blog via Google Chrome. It’s like being my own assistant, without the luxury of getting coffee. The voice-activated typing tools are getting better and better, and frankly, it feels like I’m talking into the future.

I can even play with punctuation, as if I were a conductor of a symphony of sentences. “A period here, a comma there,” and voila, my text is neatly transformed. After this masterpiece, I am going to have it fine-tuned by Chat GPT. Because let’s face it, even the best artists need a little editorial magic.

And let’s not forget how my phone has now become a kind of personal stenographer thanks to Google Assistant. I just tap that magic icon and my long-winded WhatsApp messages are typed as if by magic. It saves me so much time that I wonder why I didn’t discover this sooner.

They also got the memo about voice-activated typing in the Microsoft 365 Suite. So if you’re not exactly a keyboard shortcut ninja, just click that cute little icon in Outlook and let the words flow. In a quiet room, that is, unless your colleagues are ready for a free comedy show.

For the Google lovers among us, remember that you have to use Chrome to make that voice icon shine in all your apps. Don’t worry, I won’t tire you with a complete manual. Just try and discover, that’s the motto.

So there you have it, this voice-activated blog took me about 2 minutes to “type. That’s less time than it takes to make a good cup of coffee.

Links to give it a try yourself:
Dictate in Microsoft 365
Type with your voice in Google Docs (paid version)
Type with your voice in Android
Chat GPT to edit the text

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